Joys and Concerns


People to Pray for

Our organist Joan Miller wil be having heart surgery. Prayers for health and fast healing!

Jerry Cassell in in the hospital. They found a mass on his colon, and is in alot of pain.

Gloria Sipes' mom Eileen - cancer has returned.

Prayers for Mark & Annette Hutchinson as they make decisions about their next step in Mark's treatment.

Karen Milewski is continuing treatment for her cancer. Tumors are shrinking!

Ron Herold has kidney cancer, and had the affected kidney removed, along with the surrounding area and some lymph nodes. He is undergoing a trial treatment at Cleveland Clinic.

Bob Sok has had problems from his chemo for bladder cancer. He had 2 strokes, and problems with blood clots. He had a filter put in his neck. He is doing well now, and started radiation for 7 weeks. Prayers for him, Patti, and their family.

Pat Goss has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is causing problems with her heart. Prayers for healing.

Susan Nelson's dad, Don Shadle, is having back issues causing difficulties to walk. Prayers for health & healing.

Stephanie Borland's grandma, Mary Louise Bell, has dementia, and is ill and very weak. Prayers for the family.

Continued prayers for Danielle Nies' mom Sharon, who has grade 4 glioblastoma.

Continued prayers for Hagan Hetz and his family














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