Joys and Concerns


People to Pray for

Our organist Joan Miller is having heart and breathing problems. She is going through many tests to figure out what is exactly wrong. Prayers for health and healing!!!

Ken Milewski's brother died on October 30. Prayers for Ken, his mom,Karen, and their family.

Ron & Marilyn Ferringer's son in law Butch had lung cancer surgery, and is continuing to have problems.

Pat White's daughter Lori had colon cancer surgery, and is undergoing treatment.

Pat White had a cerebral hemorrhage on October 22 and is at Allegheny General in Pittsburgh. She can talk and move, but her eye sight was affected. Prayers for her and her family.

Pastor Lee’s cousin Thomas Lewis died from cancer. Prayers for the family.

Marie Lipphardt fell and broke her leg, and is in a wheelchair. Prayers for fast healing!

Patrick Copeland is having heart problems. He will be going to Cleveland Clinic for more tests. Prayers for him, Jenna, and their family.

Troy Schwab is now at Millcreek Community Hospital for intense therapy after his stroke. Prayers for him, Mary, and their family.

Gloria Sipes' mom Eileen - cancer has returned.

Mark & Annette Hutchinson are now in Arizona. They got good news that the brain swelling has gone down and the tumor has not grown!!

Karen Milewski is continuing treatment for her cancer. Tumors are shrinking!

Susan Nelson's dad, Don Shadle, is having back issues causing difficulties to walk. Prayers for health & healing.

Stephanie Borland's grandma, Mary Louise Bell, has dementia, and is ill and very weak. Prayers for the family.

Continued prayers for Danielle Nies' mom Sharon, who has grade 4 glioblastoma.

Continued prayers for Hagan Hetz and his family


Prayers for the Pastor Nominating Committee in their search for our new pastor!














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